Last Minute Free Agent Gems for Week 8

By Matt Wilhite | 10.27.16

Fantasy Football Letterpress

Imagine, for a second, you are on the outside of the fantasy football playoffs looking in. Maybe, you don’t even have to imagine such a nightmare because that nightmare has become a reality. Your record is 2-5, you’ve lost three players in your starting lineup to injury, and your league’s waiver wire pick-up day was on Wednesday; what do you do? Not to worry, because you still have one last chance to find a few players that might bring you all the way to glory this week, or at least give you a respectable win percentage, and you won’t even have to sweat anyone else making a move on them.

Dion Lewis (RB-New England Patriots)

If you are like 80 percent of the fantasy population, you are also probably trying to find a running back for your team, and Dion Lewis has the potential to be a very effective option. Currently recovering from an ACL injury and subsequent post-repair surgeries, and possibly playing third banana to LaGarrette Blount and James White, Lewis could end up being a bust. However, when he did play last season, he was not only averaging 4.8 yards per carry on the ground, but also had almost 500 reception yards in the high-powered Patriots offense. He is someone, if healthy, that could be a reliable running back or flex option every week in 10 and 12 person leagues.

Adam Humphries (WR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Let’s get this straight right off the bat; Adam Humphries will not be your starting receiver every week in 10-14 person leagues. However, Humphries has a nice matchup against an Oakland Raiders passing defense giving up the most yards per game of any other team. Humphries has averaged right around five targets per game, and may be the only receiver left, at this point, with a favorable matchup. You can’t count on him to save your season, but he’s a solid fill-in for desperate owners trying not to fall further into a deep depression.

C.J Fiedorowicz (TE-Houston Texans)

Were you someone who decided to move too late on Jack Doyle and Hunter Henry as your tight end fillers? Luckily, you aren’t completely out of options just yet. Fiedorowicz has been a surprisingly decent tight end in a middling Houston offense that has a mannequin named Brock Osweiler noodling passes all across the field. Fiedorowicz, despite he who shall not be named playing quarterback, has seen an increase in targets over his last four games, and has scored twice, as well. He’s also facing what can best be described as a “tight end courteous” Detroit defense, which gives him a great chance at continuing his streak of solid fantasy outings.

Chris Ivory (RB-Jacksonville Jaguars)

Please, hear me out. I know this may seem insane but, as we discussed before, running backs are like gasoline in Mad Max; only a few people have enough and the rest of us are killing each other over the scraps. Choosing between T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory, as to whom you should play, is like engaging in a game of fantasy football Russian roulette. You’re basically just taking the chance that you aren’t putting a bullet in your brain, and have only the will of the gods to rely on. Chris Ivory has been extremely ineffective so far this season, but Yeldon may be even less effective, and Ivory still gets most of the goal-line touches. He also had a promising 2015 season with at least 7 games over 80 yards rushing, and is only owned, according to Yahoo Sports, in 45 percent of leagues, so taking a shot on his volume increasing is really all you can do at this point, right? Right? Right????