What To Expect From Skyrim: Special Edition


By Joey Ramirez | 11.8.16

Skyrim: Special Edition was recently released and was long awaited by the Skyrim community and fan base since its announcement back in early 2016. The game was officially released October 28th and with it, it brings many things previously unavailable to those in the older versions such as the 360 version and the PS3 version. With this new version comes many ups and downs, but what exactly can you expect from it?

First off, let’s start off by addressing the new upgrade from the Xbox 360 and PS3 to the Xbox One and PS4. With this brings much better graphics and a broadened horizon in which various aspects were previously restricted. This allows for more enemies, a better draw distance, and an overall improvement to the game from the previous versions. This means that the game is essentially turned up to 11 on consoles and PC (despite it already being an option on PC) and creating beautiful scenery and wonderful immersion into the game.

Another major aspect is the most anticipated of all. Mods on consoles. Ever since the release of Fallout 4 and the mods coming with that, fans of Bethesda and Skyrim alike have requested that they do the same with Skyrim, allowing for modding such as that on PC, an aspect said to give the game even more life than the original, loved game. Finally, Bethesda gave into the demands and made it a feature in the console versions of the game, allowing for the use of Bethesda’s “creator’s kit” to make a wide variety of mods in order to make the game into whatever the player wants it to be. Anything from a serious extension to the story to talking unicorns, whatever you desire putting in is possible.

However, with all games, there are some issues with the game, first being the restrictions on the PS4 edition modding. While of course there’s already limitations on what can be modded into the console version in comparison to the wide majority of PC mods, but there’s even more so on PS4. Sony recently announced before the release, they were planning on limiting the mods included with both Fallout and Skyrim, effectively restricting mods to texture mods and lighting effects. Another flaw quick to be pointed out is that while there is more room for better graphics and whatnot, the consoles are being overworked, causing gameplay to be rough, janky, and sometimes even unplayable.

Overall, the game has good praise and is said to to live up to the high expectations normally given by major fan bases. All in all, you can expect to enjoy the game, whether you’re a returning, experienced player, or someone entering the world of Dragonborn for the first time.